Monday, 18 July 2011

Storm of Magic: Chimera - Painted New&Based

Chimera: Storm of Magic - Warpstone Painting
Monster - Storm of Magic, Monster, Brand New, WP Quality Painted.

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Here listed is one Chimera from the Storm of Magic fully painted, based and are entirely brand new, unused and battle ready. Monsters are bound to a wizards will in a storm of magic and the Chimera is by no means immune to this, the Chimera could possibly be one of the more numerous beasts which is attracted to the swelling tides of magic. The chimera itself is a fearsome opponent whit its three chaos enhanced heads ripping at its enemies and not much can stand in its way. If that's not enough then the beast can be warped by the chaos gos even more, allowing it to have poisoned attacks and a biting tale or a deadly chomp attack allowing you to tool your Chimera to deal with any thing in its path.

The model above have been lovingly painted and would fit comfortably into any Storm of Magic force, if you're interested in comissioning other units or models, Please email me at:

If this monster slips you by, please contact me above to say you missed out on the unit and wish to purchase a similar piece, I can easily replicate them and will be happy to do so. I'm also avaliable for comissioning work, so if you like what you see here, please check out my blog where I will be posting a plentiful supply of new units ensuring you get a good look at my portfolio. Prices will be negotiated on a personal basis, depending on the size of the project and models involved. For a feed of current projects and a portfolio of work please visit the following link:

Thanks for your interest please feel free to ask for more information on the listed item, for more photos or Warpstone Painting in general. I'll be happy to get in contact with you as soon as possible.

WP MarkH

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